Wound Care: First Aid for Cuts (Lacerations)

First Aid Treatment For Cut Wounds


Cuts or lacerations are types of wounds that involve separation of skin and the fatty tissue beneath. Cuts are usually caused by sharp objects like knife, piece of glass, or loose metals. Most of the time, this injury happens by accident and would require immediate wound care. Thus, it is important to know proper first aid treatment for cuts to avoid infection and further blood loss in case there is bleeding.

How to Treat Cuts 

Examine the Wound
Check where the cut is and how deep it is. If the cut is in the head, hand, chest, abdomen, back or if it is too deep that there’s a chance that nerves and tendons are affected, seek medical attention. Otherwise, follow the next steps.

Clean the Wound
Wash with soap under running water (make sure your hands are clean first). If any contamination or object can’t be washed away, lightly cover with sterile bandage and seek medical attention.


Stop the Bleeding
In case the wound is bleeding, elevate the wound and apply direct pressure with sterile cloth or bandage. If the bleeding can’t be controlled, seek medical attention.


Protect the Wound
Since cuts are open wounds, we should prevent it from dirt at all times. Apply antibiotic cream or antiseptic ointment. Use butterfly closure bandages, especially if the wound is deep. Dress wound with sterile gauze and change daily or if fluids soak through.



If the cut needs to be stitched, it’s best to have it done before 6 hours to prevent contamination.


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